Housewares companies rely on us to provide them with the consumer insight and market intelligence they need to make the right product and marketing decisions...decisions that result in increased sales and profits.


RMG is the only market research company that specializes exclusively in the housewares industry.  We’ve been helping housewares companies for over 25 years.
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Our housewares experience is vast and deep. There’s no learning curve, because we thoroughly understand the market dynamics, channels of distribution, consumers, history and trends, and marketing issues.


RMG has serving housewares manufacturers for more than 25 years. The vast majority of our clients are highly satisfied with the projects that we’ve done for them and are very likely to recommend RMG to others.

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Housewares manufacturers, ranging from large Fortune 500 corporations to smaller privately owned companies, seek our expertise.


We help clients understand their product categories, markets, and consumers; identify unrealized consumer needs; decide what new products to develop; determine key features, benefits, and optimal price; validate the market potential of new products; and optimize packaging.

The purpose of Concept Screening is to quickly and inexpensively sift through a large number of new product ideas early in the new product development process to identify the most promising concepts.

Concept screenings are conducted via online survey with a sample size of 100 to 200 consumers.  A battery of four rating scale questions are used to determine respondents’ degree of interest in each product concept. Interest is measured along four dimensions: desirability (need), believability, exclusivity/uniqueness, and purchase likelihood.

To establish hurdle rates or benchmarks for evaluating the data, several of the company’s current products – one very successful product and one product that failed – are included in the online survey as well as the best-selling competitive products in the category.

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The purpose of the Market Assessment is to provide market and competitive intelligence to help you make informed strategy, marketing, and product development decisions.

Because there is no single definitive source of data for housewares product categories, a market assessment is like a jigsaw puzzle.   We gather data from trade publications, trade associations, research reports, retail store sales tracking data, industry experts, store audits, and primary consumer research.  Then we put all the puzzle pieces (the data) together until the jigsaw puzzle (the snapshot of the market, competition, and consumer) is as complete as it can be.

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We start with an online screening survey to identify qualified candidates for the home-use test. We may conduct the screening study with our proprietary HomeTrend Influentials Panel and/or a larger national sample using a third party consumer panel, depending on the profile of the consumer we want to test with.

Each test participant is sent a product sample and is asked to use the product for between one and four weeks, depending on the product category. They are required to complete an online survey when they first receive the product and another online survey after they have used the product at least five times.  They may also be asked to keep a photo or video diary throughout the test.

Home use tests cost $500 per product per respondent.

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Purchasing a turnkey private panel service frees you up to be the research consultant within your organization, rather than the research mechanic.  You can operate with minimal staff, since most of the work is performed by your private-panel partner.

Let Riedel Marketing Group build and maintain your private online community. We have more than ten years of panel management experience.

We’ll take care of the nuts and bolts of panel management, member recruitment and retention, sampling, questionnaire design, tabulation, and analysis. We’ll work closely and collaboratively with you to make sure the community yields the information and insight you need.

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The purpose of product concept testing is to determine how interested consumers are in a new product idea and how much they would be willing to pay.

Product concepts are conducted via online survey with a sample size of 200 to 500 consumers.  A battery of five rating scale questions is used to determine respondents’ degree of interest in each product concept. Interest is measured along five dimensions: desirability (need), believability, exclusivity/uniqueness, buzzworthiness, and purchase likelihood.

Open-ended questions are used to get at the “why” — why the respondent gave the answer they did. Pricing is tested using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity model.  Custom questions about packaging and copy, benefits, and features are included in the questionnaire.

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The purpose of validation testing is to make sell-in easier.

Product validation tests are conducted via online survey with a sample size of 200 to 500 consumers.

Survey respondents are shown one or more photos of the product and a written description OR an image of the package.  We then ask them questions about what they think of the product, what they would expect to pay of it, and how likely they would be to buy it at the stated price.

To establish a hurdle rate or benchmark for evaluating the data, we also test one or two of the best selling competitive products in the category.

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