The Home Use Test identifies potential quality or functionality problems.

RMG service: home-use testingIt also confirms purchase interest and that the manufactured product works as it is supposed to when it is used in real-world situations.  Home use tests also provide valuable feedback on  the instruction book and packaging.

We typically start with an online screening survey to identify qualified candidates for the home-use test. We may conduct the screening study with our proprietary HomeTrend Influentials Panel and/or a larger national sample using a third party consumer panel, depending on the profile of the consumer we want to test with.

Each test participant is sent a product sample and is asked to use the product for between one and four weeks, depending on the product category. They are required to complete an online survey when they first receive the product and another online survey after they have used the product at least five times.  They may also be asked to keep a photo or video diary throughout the test.

Home use tests cost $500 per product per respondent.