The concept screening is used when you have a number of rough product concepts and you need to decide which ideas warrant further development.

Online surveysThe purpose of Concept Screening is to quickly and inexpensively sift through a large number of new product ideas early in the new product development process to identify the most promising concepts.

Concept screenings are conducted via online survey.

A battery of four rating scale questions are used to determine respondents’ degree of interest in each product concept. Interest is measured along four dimensions: desirability (need), believability, exclusivity/uniqueness, and purchase likelihood.

To establish hurdle rates or benchmarks for evaluating the data, several of the company’s current products – one very successful product and one product that failed – are included in the online survey as well as the best selling competitive products in the category.

Concept screening tests typically cost $1,000 per product concept (additional charge for any custom questions you want to add).