Kitchen Gadget Market: Changes in Purchase Behavior

One in three people who purchase kitchen gadgets have already decided on the specific item they are going to buy before they go to the store.

According to Riedel Marketing Group’s Kitchen Gadget and Tool Market Tracker, 34% of the people who purchased kitchen gadgets in 2015 made the decision on exactly what they were going to purchase before they went to the store, up from 25% in 2014.

Kitchen Gadget Market: Changes in Purchase Behavior


Historically, most consumers made the final decision on the brand and item to buy while they were in the store after looking at the store’s assortment of products. Today, an increasing number of shoppers decide which kitchen gadget they are going to buy before they go to the store.

Increasingly, consumers who are buying kitchen gadgets are basing their decisions on what other consumers think about the product.

Most influential is the opinions of friends and family; 42% of the people who bought kitchen gadgets in 2015 decided to buy the item they did because it was recommended by family or friends. That’s up from 30% in 2014.

Product reviews are also growing in importance. The percent of people who based their purchase decision on product reviews doubled from fourth quarter 2014 to fourth quarter of 2015, from 9% to 20%.

Kitchen Gadget Market: Changes in Purchase Behavior

For kitchen gadget manufacturers, the implications of changes in how, when, and where consumers make the final purchase decision are huge.

No longer can they rely exclusively on packaging and store placement to get the attention of prospective purchasers. Manufacturers need create products that are “buzzworthy”, that is, products that end-users will want to recommend to friends and family and write glowing product reviews about. Manufacturers also need to provide the people who buy their products satisfying and positive experiences throughout the pathway to purchase process.

About Market Tracker

Market Tracker reports deliver essential insight into the what, where, why, and how of Americans’ food prep product buying decisions. The reports provide consumer purchase data by quarter and by year; by product segment; by price point; by brand; and by channel of distribution. They also offer insight into the consumer purchase decision-making process.

Data is collected by surveying 500 U.S. households at the end of each quarter to find out what they purchased (including type of product, price, and brand) in the previous three months; why they purchased; and how they made the decision on what products to purchase.

Kitchen Gadget and Tool Market Tracker tracks the nineteen largest gadget and tool product segments: BBQ/grill tools; can, bottle and jar openers; colanders and strainers; cooking and mixing spoons; cutting boards and mats; food choppers; food thermometers; food scales; garlic tools; graters; kitchen knives and knife sets; measuring cups and spoons; peelers, slicers, corers, and mandolins; pepper, salt, and spice mills and grinders; mixing bowls; salad spinners; spatulas and turners; tongs; and whisks.

Market Tracker reports are also available for Cookware, Bakeware, and Home Storage and Organization Products.

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