It’s really hard to design products by focus group. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs

Jobs is right. You can’t use consumer feedback to tell you what your next new product should be. But you can – and should — use consumer feedback to gain a better understanding of your consumers’ problems, needs, and wants.

Jobs did, according to Gregory Ciotti. “Steve Jobs did actually listen to customers, but only to find out which problems they faced, and to identify the biggest points of friction they had.”

Understanding customer wants and pains is a pivotal part of building a better product.” Gregory Ciotti

Understanding consumer wants and pains, problems and needs is not just a “pivotal part” of the new product development process. It is the foundation.

For a new product to be successful, it must meet a need or solve a problem for the consumer. If the consumer doesn’t think a product will meet a need or solve a problem for them, it is highly unlikely that they will be interested in purchasing that product.

That’s why the new product development process must start with consumer feedback. Consumer feedback guides you towards problems and needs. Consumer feedback helps you understand what needs are not being met and what problems are not being solved by the products consumers are currently using.  You have to understand your consumers’ problems and needs to be able to develop products that meet those unmet needs and solve those unsolved problems.

How well do you understand your customers’ problems and needs?  How sure are you that the new products you are developing meet the needs and solves the problems of your consumer?

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