Housewares product management and marketing executives rely on us to provide them with the information they need to make informed product and marketing decisions.

We help clients make these types of decisions:

  • What is the next million-dollar item among all the new product ideas?
  • What are the consumer relevant features and benefits that should be called out on the packaging?
  • What are the additional features and benefits that we should add to an existing product and how much of a premium can we charge for them?
  • What items should we improve in terms of product features, performance, and packaging and how?
  • What colors, features, packaging, promotional vehicles, and channels should we focus on?
  • Any unmet product needs that we haven’t thought of?
  • How much should we charge for a new product, especially the innovative ones?
  • How is our product holding up compared to the competition?

We’ve been helping executives make better decisions at Cuisinart, Jarden, DKB, Bradshaw, Progressive, Chef’N, and many other housewares companies for 25 years.


  • Consumer needs assessments
  • Market assessments
  • Concept screening
  • Product concept testing
  • Central location testing
  • Product validation testing
  • Home-use testing
  • Brand awareness and brand equity studies
  • Habits and practices studies
  • Marketing and business plans

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