RMG’s Proprietary HomeTrend Influentials

HIP is a panel of housewares-savvy early adopter US consumers who are the bellwether for the general population.

HomeTrend Influentials (HIPsters) participate in a variety of different research studies ranging from e-mail surveys to in-home interviews to home-use tests to online click-through surveys to focus groups, both traditional in-person and online.

HomeTrend Influentials pick up on new home-related trends and embrace new home goods much sooner than the rest of the U.S. population.

If HIPsters embrace a new product, very likely it is going to be embraced by mainstream Americans within a couple of years. If HIPsters reject a new product, very likely the product is not going to be embraced by mainstream Americans either.

HomeTrend Influentials are home owners who like their homes to look up-to-date and like to keep their fingers on the pulse of what is new for the home. They are constantly redecorating and making improvements to their homes. They enjoy talking with their family, friends, and co-workers about what’s new for the home and they are sought out by friends and family for advice on what to buy for their homes and what to do to their homes. They are very active in community, civic, and political activities. They readily try new food, household cleaning, laundry, and housewares products that they see advertised or in stores and they eagerly recommend the products that they really like to others.

HomeTrend Influentials are well educated, articulate, insightful, and eager to share their opinions with manufacturers. They are savvy consumers.