Need someone to talk to about a business issue or a decision you have to make?

Get free telephone consultationSchedule a telephone consultation. It’s totally free, absolutely confidential, with no strings attached!

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During the phone call, we’ll talk at length about your business dilemma or problem. I promise that I will keep everything I learn about your business, products, and challenges — everything we discuss during our telephone call — confidential.

The telephone consultation is a fact-finding mission. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions so that I have a solid of understanding of your issue or problem and what you’ve done so far to solve the problem.

Chances are I won’t be able to make any recommendations at the conclusion of our phone call because I will need some time to mull over your issue. A day or two after our phone call, I’ll send you my observations and recommendations. If I think that I can help you, I’ll detail how I might be able to help and provide ballpark costs.

I assure you that you are under no obligation to hire me. The telephone consultation is absolutely free with no hidden strings of any kind. You get to decide whether there are any next steps.

I can’t promise that you’ll be able to solve your problem based solely on our 30-minute conversation. I can promise that you will get a fresh perspective on the problem and some recommended next steps.

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