Storage containers with latching lids are now as popular as totes, according to the latest edition of Riedel Marketing Group’s (RMG) Home Storage and Organization Market Tracker.

The all purpose container product category is comprised of five product segments.Home Storage and Organization Market Tracker tracks consumer purchases of nine home storage and organization product categories. Of the nine product categories, all-purpose containers are by far the most popular.  The all-purpose container product category is comprised of five product segments including bins and baskets, crates, totes, storage boxes with latching lids, and storage boxes with non-latching lids.

When we first started tracking all-purpose storage containers in the third quarter of 2014, totes were outselling boxes with latching lids by a two-to-one margin. In the first quarter of this year, U.S. consumers purchased totes and boxes with latching lids in equal proportion.

The data clearly shows that boxes with latching lids are more important than they were in 2014. 28.5% of all-purpose containers purchased by U.S. consumers in the first three months of this year were boxes with latching lids and 28.7% were totes. In comparison, boxes with latching lids accounted for 20.3% of all-purpose container purchases in the third quarter 2014 and totes accounted for 36.9%.

Riedel Marketing Group’s Home Storage And Organization Market Tracker Reveals The Growing Importance Of Storage Containers With Latching Lids



 Home Storage and Organization Market Tracker collects data on consumer purchases from all retail and online channels of distribution and retailers.

Market Tracker covers nine product segments:

  1. All Purpose Containers (baskets, bins, boxes, crates, and totes)
  2. Closet, clothing, and shoe storage
  3. Garage storage
  4. Craft/hobby storage
  5. Holiday storage
  6. Home office, desk, and file storage
  7. Laundry organization
  8. Shelving and storage cabinets
  9. Storage cubbies and carts

Data is collected by surveying 500 U.S. households at the end of each quarter to find out what they purchased (including type of product, material, price, and brand) in the previous three months; where they purchased, how they made the decision on what products to purchase, where they are using the product, and what they are using the product for.

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Market Tracker reports are also available for Bakeware, Kitchen Gadgets and Tools, and Home Storage and Organization Products.