If you sell to the middle class, you should be targeting HENRYs.

The HENRYs (High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet) are key to marketing success in this slow-growth post-recession period.

The Henrys from Pam DanzigerThe HENRYs (High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet) are the heavy-lifters in the consumer economy, accounting for some 40% of the nation’s personal consumption expenditures. They have household incomes between $100,000 to $249,999. That puts them ahead of nearly 80% of all U.S. households. They also have significantly greater spending power than middle-income consumers who lost over $4,000 of income in the recession.

According to Pamela N. Danziger, author, president of Unity Marketing, and expert on the HENRY demographic segment, “Effectively tapping the spend power of the HENRYs is what brands need to position themselves for growth in this slow growth post-recession economy.”

HENRYs (High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet) are the new mass-market customers with discretion. Pamela N. Danziger, author and president of Unity Marketing

Retailers and marketers that want to target HENRYs need to combine strategies borrowed from high-end brands, along with more mass-market tactics, to send a clear message that these high-potential customers are understood, respected and catered to.

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