I’m up to my elbows in research data from an online research study I conducted earlier in April with a sample of 1500 US primary grocery shoppers.  This was the first of four quarterly surveys  I’ll be fielding this year to find out what cookware, bakeware, and kitchen gadgets and tools U.S. consumers are purchasing.

Although most of the findings from these surveys will only be available to Market Tracker subscribers, I will be posting some factoids on the Housewares Insight Blog from time to time.  Here’s the first Market Tracker Factoid.

The primary grocery shopper in five out of every ten (54%) U.S. households purchased cookware, bakeware, or at least one kitchen gadget or tool in the first quarter of 2014, according to the Q1 Kitchen Gadget and Tool Market Tracker report.  78% of them purchased a kitchen tool or gadget.

Market Tracker Q1 purchase incidence

Market Tracker provides data on the housewares products that Americans consumers are buying each quarter – WHO bought, WHAT they bought, WHEN they bought, WHERE they bought, and WHY they bought. The reports are designed to help housewares companies keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in their product categories so they can make better product and marketing decisions.   The cookware, bakeware, and kitchen gadget and tool categories. are currently being tracked. Categories will be added upon demand.

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