Cookware market data: who buys, what they buy, where they buy, why they buy. Tracks four key product segments.

Cookware Market Tracker analyzes the US  cookware product category.

  • Cookware Market DataMarket data and consumer purchase data by year; by product segment; by price point; by brand; and by channel of distribution.
  • Insight into the consumer purchase decision-making process.
  • Demographics, psychographics, and attitudinal data.
  • Covers four cookware product segments: 1) Cookware sets; 2) Fry & saute pans, skillets, Chef’s pans, braziers, grill pans, woks; and 3) Sauce pans, sauciers, stockpots, Dutch ovens, double broilers, multi-pots, pasta cookers.

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  • Type of cookware
    • Fry/Saute pans/skillets
    • Sauce pans
    • Cookware sets
    • Other cookware
  • Number of pieces in cookware set
  • Number of items purchased per purchase occasion
  • Cookware material
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminum
    • Hard anodized
    • Clad/Multi-ply
    • Cast iron/enameled cast iron
  • Coating of cookware
    • Coated
    • Uncoated
  • Type of nonstick cookware
    • Traditional
    • Ceramic
  • Other food prep products purchased in same time period
    • Bakeware
    • Kitchen Gadgets and Tools
  • Price paid
    • Fry/Saute Pans/Skillets
    • Sauce Pans
    • Cookware Sets
  • Brand
    • Brand recall
    • Brand purchased
    • Top five brands


  • Reason for purchase (for self or to give as a gift)
  • Reason for self-purchase


  • When made decision to buy cookware (planned purchase versus impulse)
  • When the decision on the specific brand and item was made (before going to the store or while in the store after looking at the items which were available)
  • Reason for selection when decision was made before going to the store
  • Reason for selection when decision was made in store


  • Where cookware item was purchased (retail or online)
  • Where cookware item was purchased (retail channel)
  • Where cookware item was purchased (type of retail store)
    • Department store
    • Mass merchandiser
    • Specialty store
    • Value/off-price store
  • Where cookware item was purchased (specific website)


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Household size
  • Presence of children
  • Household income
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Region
  • Time spent on food prep
  • Type of cook
  • Attitudes towards cooking

Buy Market Tracker reportMETHODOLOGY

Online surveys are conducted with 500 primary grocery shoppers in the U.S. at the beginning of each quarter.  Respondents are screened based on past quarter purchase behavior.  They had to have purchased cookware, bakeware, and/or kitchen gadgets or tools either for themselves/their household or to give as a gift in the previous quarter. The primary grocery shopper is the person in the household who is responsible for purchasing more than 50% of the household’s groceries.  The research is conducted with primary grocery shoppers because they are typically the primary shoppers for housewares products in addition to grocery products and are also likely to be the person responsible for food preparation for the household.