Do you have an important decision to make and you aren’t sure which way to go?

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I’ve been helping clients navigate their way to the right product and marketing decisions for over 22 years.

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Let me do the same for you.

How I can help

Do you need to figure out how to grow your business?  

I’ll help you figure out what the gaps and opportunities are and where the growth opportunities are.

Do you need to determine which new product category to get into?

I’ll help you identify new markets and decide which one represents the biggest/best growth opportunity.

Do you need to come up with new product ideas?

I’ll provide you with insight into consumer habits, preferences, and needs to stimulate your creativity and inform ideation.

Do you need to figure out how to improve an existing product?

I’ll help you figure out what you need to do to refresh and update an existing product to reinvigorate sales.

Do you need to decide what features your new product should offer?

I’ll help you figure out what features your new product needs to have to maximize its appeal to consumers and differentiate it from the competition.

Do you need to decide which new product concepts to develop?

I’ll help you figure out which concepts have the strongest consumer appeal.

Do you need to find out how big the potential market is for a new product concept?

I’ll help you determine if enough consumers are interested in the product at the desired price to assure that the product will meet the company’s revenue and profitability requirements

Do you have to make a go/no go decision on whether you should advance a new product to the next phase of development?

I’ll help you determine if the product has a high enough likelihood of marketplace success to warrant more investment.

Do you need to develop packaging that is going to make the product fly off the shelves?

I’ll help you figure out what graphics and copy to on the package so it will get shoppers’ attention at retail and make them want to buy to buy the product.


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